Metal Fabrication

Zinc Sheen and Zinc Bright are our best selling galvanising sprays which we supply to combat corrosion mostly to the metal fabrication, gates railings, trailers, horse boxes information can be found in our metal fabrication section

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All In One

ALL in 1 AQUA - PROTECT - LUBE  ALL in 1 provides maximum protection under extreme co..
from: £7.05

Cut Resistant Safety Glove

CUT RESISTANT SAFETY GLOVESHigh performance HPPE yarn gives good cut protection in this close fittin..
from: £8.55

Easy Shine Wax

 EASY SHINE WAXCleans polishes and waxes in one simple application!The most advanced high bead ..
from: £6.87

General Handling Gloves

GENERAL HANDLING GLOVESSuperb dexterity for delicate handling due to the thin, flexible PU coating. ..
from: £2.89


KLEEN HANZ POWDERED HAND SOAPKLEEN HANZ an anti bacterial hand soap that is safe to use on the most ..
from: £43.85

Stainless Steel Care Spray

Cleans, polishes and protects in one simple application!Stainless Care Finish Spray is for the Quick..
from: £5.83

Super Glide Lube

Designed to be used in all maintenance & DIY applications requiring resistance to extremes of pr..
from: £7.85

Zinc Sheen

ZINC SHEENZinc Sheen contains micro fine particles of zinc metal, plus synthetic bonding resins to p..
from: £9.73


ZINC BRIGHT SILVERZinc Bright contains micro fine particles of zinc aluminium metal, plus synthetic ..
from: £10.85

Ceramic Anti Seize Grease

A high temperature ceramic based grease containing boron nitrite particles for added temperature res..
from: £11.85
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