We are a British Company based in England, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and supply only products made in Great Britain. We feel this is our way of supporting the industry that we rely upon to conduct our business.

Having over 30 years experience in the Automotive engineering industry we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in managing the challenges and problems that occur daily in our industry. 

We pride ourselves in offering a service to customers second to none and we will always offer the highest specification products regardless of cost or profit, what that means is that our products actually work as they are intended to do. 

We will always support British technology and manufacturing as this is our lifeblood, all of our products are tested to the highest possible degree; maintaining and observing Environmental, Health and Safety requirements.

Our commitment to these beliefs continually allows us to expand and develop our products and service. We believe that a personal approach to customers should always be maintained, whatever the size of the Company. We look forward to serving you soon, thank you.