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Titanium Anti Seize Paste

Titanium Alloy Anti Seize

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Brand: Envirotec Industries
Product Code: AMA-400
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Titanium Alloy Metal Anti Seize Spray


High performance Titanium alloy anti-seize compound.
Prevents corrosion, wear and seizing in all mechanical settings. For use in extreme applications. Titanium metal alloy anti-seize compound and assembly paste.
Containing micro metallic particles in a a non-melt thickener. The compound fills surface irregularities and prevents both leaks and the intrusion of contaminants. Working temperature range from  -180°C up to 1350°C; at elevated temperatures the anti-seize properties are maintained by the solid components. A major advantage of Titanium Lube metal anti—seize is that it doesn’t dry out and become flaky when exposed to constant heat. Once applied a barrier is formed preventing galvanic corrosion occurring.



    Ø  Prevents seizing of moving parts

    Ø  For use on vertical surfaces (doesn’t run)

    Ø  Temperature resistant - 180°C to +1350°C

    Ø  Pressure resistance 2400 kpa/cm² 33938psi

    Ø  Resistant to salt water, oil, petrol & most acids

    Ø  Abrasion resistant

    Ø  Will not rub or wash off

    Ø  Made in the UK


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