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Zinc Sheen

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Brand: Envirotec Industries
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Zinc Sheen contains micro fine particles of zinc metal, plus synthetic bonding resins to produce a continuous Cathodic protection. For repairing damaged or newly galvanised and bright galvanised surfaces; 99% Pure Zinc conforming to BSEN ISO 3549    


Ideal for repairing weld, drilling, cutting marks on bright galvanised metal surfaces. Zinc Sheen contains micro fine particles of zinc metal in special synthetic bonded resins, producing a continuous zinc barrier protection. For repairing damaged newly galvanised surfaces.


Good adhesion to all surfaces

Zinc Sheen is dry in approximately 2 minutes and waterproof within 15 minutes

Excellent adhesion on metals, glass, ceramics, wood and plastics

Resistant to salt and water. Protects against various acids, lye solutions and gases

Excellent electrical conductivity and can be spot welded

Long term corrosion protection

Avoid this corrosion with the use of Zinc Sheen

Packaged in 400ml Aerosol

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