Blast Off Rusty Penetrant

All In One

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Brand: Envirotec Industries
Product Code: AIO-400
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ALL in 1
 ALL in 1 provides maximum protection under extreme conditions. Scientific formulation provides moisture drying, corrosion protection and lubrication which can increase service life of critical components. 


  • One product thousands of applications. 
  • Repels water and moisture. 
  • Penetrates and lubricates. 
  • Safe on electrical/mechanical equipment & applications.
  • Safe on rubber, plastics, nylon, metal, paints and lacquer.
  • Silicone Free.
  • Eliminates future wear and corrosion by depositing a tough residual lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. 
  • Cleans rust, grime and tar deposits safely. 
  • Economical in use over 80% product less than 20% propellant. 
  • Ozone and user friendly. 
All in 1 Repels & protects against moisture/damp making it ideal for many electrical applications that are subject to harsh and inclement conditions. 
All in 1 will penetrate and lubricate many fixings such as screw threads, bolts, hinges, locks, chains, tools etc. All in 1 Cleans and protects all metals including chrome and stainless steel, breaking down dirt, grime and rust corrosion spots. All in 1 Deposits a tough residual lubricant which protects and guards against future wear and corrosion

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