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Envirotec Industries Stop Leak is a sealing product to stop small leaks in the cooling system, developed with
added corrosion inhibitors to reduce and avoid further corrosion and blocking of the cooling system.

Features & Benefits

  • Stops and prevents leakages in the radiator, cooling and heating system.

  • Stops head gasket leaks.

  • Will not harm rubber hoses, gaskets or other system components.

  • Compatible with all antifreezes and coolants, also with OAT coolants (Organic Acid Technology).

  • Is formulated to avoid clogging of radiator waterways and temperature sensors.

  • Added corrosion inhibitors which protects against rust and corrosion.


Recommended for all water cooled systems of petrol, LPG and diesel engines where minor leaks can occur. And can also be used in a system that hasn’t yet developed a leak as a preventive agent.
Contains corrosion inhibitors that reduce the chance of future blockages caused by corrosion, suitable and compatible with all anti freezes.

Directions for use:

Warm up the engine with heater control in HOT position, shake the bottle well and add contents to the cooling system via the expansion tank if part of the system circuit (2 hoses: out and return) or directly into the radiator if a single hose overflow tank is fitted. Top up the system with coolant if required and run engine for approximately 5 minutes to circulate and stop leaks. Contents treat a cooling systemfrom 5 to 12 litres. If the coolant is dirty, flush the system with Envirotec Industries Radiator and cooling system flush. Refill with new coolant before treatment with Stop Leak


Packaged in 325 ml

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