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Oil Seal Conditioner a long lasting preventative and curative maintenance product for leaking seals in gearboxes, engines, axles, steering racks etc.

Formulated to revitalise oil seals, O rings and rubber gaskets in engines, manual gearboxes and power steering units.

It can help to rejuvenate hardened or shrunken seals.

Oil Seal Conditioner will prolong seal and gasket life, reduce blue smoke on start up due to worn valve stem oil seals, maintain oil pressure, stabilise operating temperature, minimise corrosion and reduce blue smoke.

Works on most types of rubber and neoprene seals and gaskets.

Applications & Benefit's:

Reduces oil burning and exhaust smoking in vehicles where oil is leaking past the valve stem seals.

Reduces/stops oil leakage from camshaft & crankshaft oil seals.

Compatible with most types of gaskets/seals neoprene, rubber etc.

Compatible for use in automotive engine, manual gearboxes and power steering units.

Suitable for all petrol, diesel and turbo engines

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