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Easy Shine Wax

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Cleans polishes and waxes in one simple application!

The most advanced high bead deep gloss wax polish which is manufactured using the latest advances in Polymer technology.

Easy Shine Wax has such high wax content it can be used to lubricate acrylic/plastics when drilling, we supply this product to fabricators and sign manufacturing for that purpose.

Easy shine wax has been developed to reduce time cleaning, polishing and maintaining paint and hard surface areas that are subject to harsh conditions.

Using the latest polymer technology to repel water withstanding multiple washes adding extra protection to your paintwork.

Easy shine wax is safe and compatible to use with all paint systems including solids and clear coat lacquers.

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  • Cleans, Polishes & Waxes in one simple application.
  • Effortlessly removes tar spots, bugs, oil, traffic grime, finger marks etc.
  • Safe to use on most hard surfaces including metal, glass, painted surfaces, plastics, hard rubber, laminates and wood.
  • Safe to use on newly painted panels.
  • Compatible with all types of paints and lacquers. 
  • Latest Polymer Technology which repels water and will withstands multiple washes.
  • Economical in use.

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