Titanium Alloy Anti Seize


Universal Maintenance Lube

Torsion Plus

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Brand: Envirotec Industries
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Spanner in a Can for releasing all types of threads by means of extremely high capillary effect and cold contraction penetrating and breaking down Galvanic Disolution (corrosion caused when carbon steel and metal alloys come together) gummed oils and grease as well as carbonized oils, non-acidic and non-greasy, leaves no residue, stains or contamination.

Fine and coarse threads of any kind - split-pins - bolts - all hinges - locks - oil-pressure pipes - grease/bleed nipples - injectore - sparking plugs - heater plugs - air-vent screws - telescopic antennas - exhaust valves - and a thousand other applications. Read customer testimonial.


Loosens most screw joints within moments

Penetrates and breaks down corrosion, oil and carbon with  exceptional capillary flow

Extremely high capillary effect

Safe to use

Non staining

Does not contain acids, silicones or CFCs

Straightforward in use - Fast in action

Packaged in 400ml Aerosol

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