Ceramic Anti Seize Grease

Ceramic Anti Seize Grease

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Brand: Envirotec Industries
Product Code: CASG-400
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A high temperature ceramic based grease containing boron nitrite particles for added temperature resistance. Ceramic Anti Seize is ideal for the greasing of nuts and bolts during disassembly. It has very good resistance to water and acids giving protection against rust / corrosion.

Features & Benefits

  1. Heavy metal free – safe to use
  1. Very high temperature range -30°C to +1500°C – use on a wide variety of applications
  1. Specified for ABS braking systems – no comebacks
  1. Assembly or dis-assembly grease – reduced inventory
  1. Prevents oxidisation – easy to dis-assemble, saves time


Ceramic Anti Seize Grease is extremely well suited for use application in areas where a copper/Alloy based greases would normally be used.

Ceramic Anti Seize Grease is non metallic and acts as a barrier grease when dissimilar metals are joined together.  i.e. Steel components screwed into aluminium castings - fuel Injectors, spark plugs, brake pipes, bleed nipples.

Ceramic Anti Seize can be used on all stainless screw fixings where contamination would occur if conventional anti seize were to be used.

Excellent in all applications where there is a considerable amount of heat generated and/or water present. Application areas are on braking systems on the rear face of brake pads and on moving edges of brake shoes.

Ceramic Anti Seize Grease is used to prevent items seizing or rusting together, particularly where they are regularly dismantled for service reasons.

Ceramic Anti Seize Grease is also used for either freeing off or assembling studs/nuts in areas where very hot temperatures are encountered such as exhaust systems. Finally, Ceramic Anti Seize Grease is ideal for preventing ABS sensors corroding into their housings.

Ceramic Anti Seize Grease reduces the effect of galvanic dissolution (caused when dissimilar metals are joined together) resistant to caustic acids, chemicals, fresh and salt water.

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