This section covers Industrial Maintenance both mechanical and engineering, lubrication, corrosion, water ingress affects and can cause breakdown in both small and large machines. Popular products for use in this sector are Blast Off, Torsion Plus, Super glide lube, Ceramic anti seizeFine Ultra Lube   

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All In One

ALL in 1 AQUA - PROTECT - LUBE  ALL in 1 provides maximum protection under extreme co..
from: £7.05

Blast Off Rusty Penetrant

BLAST OFF Rust Penetrant contains RUST BUSTING properties, ideal for releasing all types of seized p..
from: £9.20

Cut Resistant Safety Glove

CUT RESISTANT SAFETY GLOVESHigh performance HPPE yarn gives good cut protection in this close fittin..
from: £8.55

Fine Ultra Lube

MICRO POLYMER LUBRICANT PFPE (KRYTOX) High performance long lasting dry lubrication contains PF..
from: £11.79

General Handling Gloves

GENERAL HANDLING GLOVESSuperb dexterity for delicate handling due to the thin, flexible PU coating. ..
from: £2.89


KLEEN HANZ POWDERED HAND SOAPKLEEN HANZ an anti bacterial hand soap that is safe to use on the most ..
from: £43.85

Power Max Foam concentrate

Power Max Snow SNOW-FOAM CONCENTRATELeisure-Auto–Truck–Car–Motorcycle-BicycleNot to be used und..
from: £33.00

Silicone Spray

DetailsHigh quality silicone lubricant works for many applicationsLubricant eliminates rubber squeak..
from: £6.85

Super Glide Lube

Designed to be used in all maintenance & DIY applications requiring resistance to extremes of pr..
from: £7.85
Titanium Alloy Anti Seize

Titanium Alloy Anti Seize

Titanium Alloy Metal Anti Seize Spray High performance Titanium alloy anti-seize compound.Preve..
from: £14.78
Titanium Anti Seize Paste

Titanium Anti Seize Paste

Titanium Metal Anti Seize Paste High performance Titanium alloy anti-seize compound.Prevents co..
from: £33.85

Torsion Plus

Spanner in a Can for releasing all types of threads by means of extremely high capillary effect and ..
from: £9.80
Universal Maintenance Lube

Universal Maintenance Lube

UNIVERSAL MAINTENANCE LUBRICANT General description:A multi purpose high performance lubrican..
from: £6.35

Zinc Sheen

ZINC SHEENZinc Sheen contains micro fine particles of zinc metal, plus synthetic bonding resins to p..
from: £9.73


ZINC +99% Zinc Purity90% + Metallic Zinc in the dry film Conforms to BS.EN.ISO.1461(1999) & 35..
from: £29.30
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