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All In One

ALL in 1 AQUA - PROTECT - LUBE  ALL in 1 provides maximum protection under extreme co..
from: £7.05
Aura Respirator 9322+

Aura Respirator 9322+

3M™ Aura™ Disposable Respirator 9322+The 3M™ Aura™ Disposable Respirator 9322+ provides comfort and ..
from: £3.63

Blast Off Rusty Penetrant

BLAST OFF Rust Penetrant contains RUST BUSTING properties, ideal for releasing all types of seized p..
from: £8.20
Ceramic Anti Seize Grease

Ceramic Anti Seize Grease

A high temperature ceramic based grease containing boron nitrite particles for added temperature res..
from: £11.85

Cut Resistant Safety Glove

CUT RESISTANT SAFETY GLOVESHigh performance HPPE yarn gives good cut protection in this close fittin..
from: £8.55

Fine Ultra Lube

MICRO POLYMER LUBRICANT (PFPE)High performance long lasting dry lubrication contains PFPE oils. Desi..
from: £14.91

General Handling Gloves

GENERAL HANDLING GLOVESSuperb dexterity for delicate handling due to the thin, flexible PU coating. ..
from: £2.89


MIX SIX for £40.00Choose from the product range any six products selecting six individual products o..
from: £40.00

Super Glide Lube

Designed to be used in all maintenance & DIY applications requiring resistance to extremes of pr..
from: £7.08

Torsion Plus

Spanner in a Can for releasing all types of threads by means of extremely high capillary effect and ..
from: £12.80


ZINC +99% Zinc Purity90% + Metallic Zinc in the dry film Conforms to BS.EN.ISO.1461(1999) & 35..
from: £23.79
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