Ceramic Anti Seize Grease




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Brand: Envirotec Industries
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99% Zinc Purity
90% + Metallic Zinc in the dry film
Conforms to BS.EN.ISO.1461(1999) & 3549

Often referred to as "Galvafroid" Zinc + utilises the latest technology to combine micro fine particles of 99% pure zinc metal in a synthetic bonding resin, allowing Zinc + to produce a continuous Cathodic protection.
For repairing both new and aged damaged galvanised surfaces; 99% Pure Zinc conforming to BSEN ISO 3549   


    1.  Compatible with a variety of different paint systems.
    2.  Fast drying and can be over-coated within 15 minutes.
    3. Resistant to atmospheric corrosion.
    4. Resistant to salt water, protects against various acids.
    5. Excellent electrical conductivity, can be spot welded through..
    6. Excellent coverage.
    7. Long term corrosion protection.


      Ideal for repairing weld, drilling, cutting marks on both new and aged galvanised metal surfaces. Zinc Resin contains micro fine particles of zinc metal in special synthetic bonded resins, producing a continuous zinc barrier protection. one brush application gives a minimum surface coating of 100 microns, maximum 150 microns.   
    Economical & Easy to use
    Packaged: 1kg 

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