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Kleen Burn Diesel Treatment


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Kleen Burn DPF & Turbo cleaner has been specifically formulated to combat the adverse effects that start/stop driving conditions have on Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

With a continued stop/start driving pattern, soot loading builds up in the DPF since the ECU is unable to make the necessary small adjustments to the fuel injection timing to increase the exhaust temperature and initiate regeneration.

Kleen Burn DPF & Turbo cleaner contains a catalyst which adheres to the soot particles during combustion, lowering the temperature at which they can be burnt off. The soot particles will burn at lower temperatures in the soot filter area, helping to regenerate the filter, especially in cases where exhaust temperatures are low, like stop and go traffic, city traffic and short drives.

Kleen Burn DPF & Turbo cleaner is also for use in vehicles fitted with Variable Geometry Turbos. Particles from incomplete combustion adhere to the variable vanes causing them to stick, reducing vehicle power and efficiency, resulting in an engine management fault.

We advise regular use at service intervals. 

 Aids passive regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter

Actively reduces soot emissions

Improves stability of Diesel Particulate Filter systems

Cleans sticking Variable Geometry Turbos without dismantling.

Cleans EGR Valves.

Compatible with all diesel engines.

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